Happy 10 months, Pumpkin Pop!

With each month comes a new discovery, but finally there is also some relief. Relief for Ryan and I. I realize this is E’s 10 month post, but this latest {AMAZING} activity happened almost 2 weeks ago. You are probably expecting me to say she said mama… no she’s been babbling da-da none stop for months now. Or maybe you think she’s walking… nope, not that either, although I don’t think it’s too far off.

Sweet face!

{Drum Roll PLEASE…} Little Bit is FINALLY sleeping on her own!!! Phew! This news is probably not as big as I built it up to be, because some of you are probably disappointed that I didn’t get a handle on this a long time ago, and some of you I’ve already told. I’m going to ignore those that think I’m a softy… PS, I already know this. I’m just happy to have my bed back. From the moment E was out of the hospital she’s slept next to me or Ryan. She’s a cuddle bunny {okay, I’m the cuddle bunny}. At first it was in her boppy, then she started rolling over, so I got nervous about SIDS, so I started cradling her next to me. This method worked for many months, then the rolling turned into alligator death rolls. Nobody was sleeping, but I made excuses not to put her in her bed. 1. We will get even less sleep {my mind not work so good with no sleep}. 2. We’ve already put Little Bit through the ringer by moving to Oklahoma, then to Colorado. She might have a hard time adjusting. And 3. um… those were my only two excuses.

Eating my breakfast!

Anywho, the moral of the story is she’s now a big girl and takes two naps/ day and sleeps in her pack-n-play at night. We are still working on the night crying, but honestly, getting to do things for myself during naptime and having a few hours to spend with Ryan at night have saved my sanity. I feel liked a new woman! Seriously.

I don’t really like to give advice to new moms {and no new moms are knocking down my door for my insight}, because let’s be honest, I do EVERYTHING opposite what Pediatricians and Baby Psychologists say to do. I’m stumbling through parenting with Ryan, and we’ve stubbed our toes, gotten whacked in the shins, taken some scratches, and even endured a bloody nose. All in the name of learning. And love. We’ve gotten frustrated, said some curse words, and lost ALOT of sleep over this little 17#, 28″ bundle of joy. When she’s in a good mood, we feel totally blessed :). No, we know we are lucky to have her and we know she’s perfect for us. She just better appreciate us everyday of her life! Just kidding, kind of.

Watching Yo Gabba and talking on her cell phone. Multitasker!

E’s mastered crawling and likes to be chased by people and dogs.  She’s pulling up on everything, she can stand up on her own from a seated position, and she’s starting to use the furniture to take steps.    She babbles all the time.  She’s eating less baby food and more real food.  Some of her favs {in no particular order}: bananas, black olives, scrambled eggs, apples, green beans, and pasta.  She has her two bottom teeth in.  She’s beginning to shake her head ‘no’ already, which has me worried.  I get even more concerned about the future when she says ‘na-na-na’ as she’s shaking her head. Can’t she just do exactly what I say, with no backtalk?!  Is that too much to ask of a 10 month old?

That’s what’s happening under this roof.   My next post will be about our little love shack.  I mean apartment.  We are also making a trip this weekend to see some friends that live in Erie, CO.  THE PANTIER’S!  Ryan and I sorta have a couple crush on them.  They have some great kiddos, they are following their dreams, they give back when they can, and they both have some RAD tattoos.  Hopefully I will have pictures to share of that trip.

Happy 10 month birthday, Emarie!  Have a great day everyone!