BaCk in BuSiNeSs… with a new look in 2012!

So out with the {not so} old and in with the new!   I decided to switch my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  I’ll definitely let you know if the switch is good or not.  Well… It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged and a lot has happened.  Ryan and I are counting on 2012 to be a great year.  Hopefully from beginning to end.  Last year we welcomed Emarie into our family and we lost my Dad.  I guess all you  can say is it was a bittersweet year.  Or sweetbitter… started perfect, but ended awful.

This year, like last, I really want to focus on making our lives more simple, really living, and choosing to be happy each and every day.    There is a lot in life that can cloud our judgement and I can let small things balloon into huge issues, but not this year.  I’ve learned that life is far too short to not have fun.  In an instant our world’s can be turned upside down, so I’m not wasting any more time, love, or tears on things that just don’t matter.

I will also be resuming my blogs about Baby E.  She’s getting big and if you want to watch her grow, I’ll put up pics and videos.  My wish for all my friends and family in 2012 is that we all are thankful for what we have, enjoy our families and the things that really matter to us, and change what we’ve been meaning to change in ourselves.

To a fantastic 2012!  Love you all!



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