Call me Little Miss Sunshine…this Friday started with a clunk.

Maybe this will resonate with some of you {moms}.  I hope I’m not alone.  This year, I was gung-ho {is that the right term?} about being less critical and more understanding of how others {by others I mean my husband} do things.  If you want to read my 100% honest post about turning over a new leaf, click here.  Then something happened and I returned to Mrs. Critical McCritic this week.  Yes, not really just today, but earlier this week I morphed into Mrs. Picky/Emotional Mess.  Is that enough of the nicknames?

I will preface the rest of this with: I really do love getting to see E grow everyday.  Really, I do.  With all my soul I can’t imagine my life any different…..BUT, and this is a BIG, no HUGE BUT…. I get so frustrated {this might be an understatement} with being the cook, cleaner, clothes washer, dog throw up cleaner upper, vacuumer, toilet cleaner, grocery shopper, bottle washer 24/7, 365 days/ yr.  {LIGHT BULB} Oh wait, I’m a mom, this is all the norm isn’t it.  Better learn to accept the obvious.

I know is not news to most of you, but this is the stuff I was referring to in my last post about “clouding our judgements and turning small things into huge issues”.  Let me tell you what set me off this morning. Hold on to your britches, this is a ridiculous ride:

*We all get up about 5:30a courtesy of E.  I give her a bottle, Ryan feeds the dogs.  I throw on a sweatshirt and… BAM, I see there’s still bath water in the tub from E’s bath last night.  Cold, leftover bath water and soggy wash clothes.  Obviously, you now know I didn’t give the bath, because I’m obviously a psycho {clean, but still psycho none the less} about putting things back how they go when I’m done using them.  SO… I dump out the water and ring out the clothes, then I can’t hide my annoyed attitude, so I tell Ryan I’m just tired {don’t think he bought it}, but he did continue to get ready for work.  I stew in my annoyance until I can’t stand it, which was about 10  minutes I’m sure.  I unleash on Ryan.  He said he knew I was probably irritated with having to dump out the water.  He was right.  P.S. honey, have a FANTASTIC Friday at work!  Am I just a Dreamboat, or what?!*

Can I restart my New Year’s Resolutions?  Good, because I am.    Ok, so I’m not gonna lie, I do ALOT around this house.  That’s what I seem to focus on too.  But Ryan does things all the time.  I forget we are a team {Team Mom and Dad vs. E}, because I’m so focused on what I do.  In the spirit of re-do’s, here’s a few reasons why I’m-thankful-and-trying-not-to-be-so-critical-of-others {again, I’m referring to Ryan}:

1. You walk the dogs almost everyday, multiple times a day.

2. You work hard for real money that allows us to live.

3. You haven’t said anything to me about my spending habits while we were both unemployed. 🙂

4. You have been putting E to bed at night.

5. You did give E a bath last night, which means I didn’t have to.

6. You try really hard to be a great dad, and you are.

7. You let me steal your pj pants to sleep in.

8. You love me even when I’m crazy.

TO RYAN: Sorry honey for starting our Friday off with a BUST instead of a BANG.  I’m refocused on making 2012 a great year each and every day.

That’s how my Friday got going.  Feel free to share your dismay at my silliness, tell me you can sympathize, or be thankful that you don’t have to live with such a crazy lady, Ryan does.  Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Re-do: To a fantastic 2012!!!  Love you all!  😉



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