365 days ago, we met E!

one year down and so many more to go.  i can’t believe how much babies learn in one year.  before being a mom i had babysat lots of kiddos, but i never noticed how much learning and growing was going on.  with e i see things daily, if not by the hour, that she now knows.  it’s awesome. i know i will turn around soon and realize she’s not a baby anymore, but for now i am soaking her up.  i mean look at her sweet/mischievous face:

she started out at 7#’s even and 17 3/4 inches, now she’s a whopping 19.5 pounds and 28inches (at last check with the doctor and our home scale).  here’s a then and now look:















because we just moved to CO her first bday will be low key.  we are having it a the apt (blah), but the good news is in a month we will be in our NEW HOME!  yay!  anywho, i decided on lots of color for the party. lanterns, cupcakes, sodas, and candy.  i tried to stay under $40, just to see if i could.  all birthday items, even the gift, for under $40.  i totally didn’t even come close to that budget.  but it was cute.  my aunt susan, cousin ryan and his wifey, nicole, and e’s cousin caleb came into town, so it was more of a party than expected.  good times 🙂

we opened presents, ate some food, and then sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes.  i hope e can look back on this birthday someday and see how much fun simple can be.  or maybe that’s how i hope she sees it.  we will have plenty of time for huge inflatables, big cakes, and presents galore, so i am pleased with this small first birthday.  here’s some photos:

This idea was from Pinterest

can’t believe the first year is over.  how fun, crazy, sleepless, and eye opening this first year as a parent has been.  here’s to the next year being more fun, less crazy, less sleepless, and more eye opening!  happy first birthday my little e.  mommy and daddy love you!