Sunday, Funday. Fishy Style.

“When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain.”

– Mark Twain

a suitable quote for a day spent at the aquarium with our little guppy.  she had a great time.

underwater tunnel

there was no fear.  from E.

to be honest i was a little nervous when the Jaws music started. no lie.  serious.

not Jaws, but still gave me the chills

we are still {blindly} discovering our way around Colorado, but this little place had some neat things.

it wasn’t all fish.

Sumatra tiger

this was my favorite.

Moon jelliies

finding things to do for a not so toddler-ish, but definitely not baby-ish one year old is hard.  we will have to go back to the aquarium when it’s more intriguing.  the otter was a hit, but the lil devil was too hard to photograph with my dinky iPhone.

some animals are just plain weird.  please forgive me, i didn’t take note of any names.

this fish would be a pet of Batman’s the Joker

and this fish was HUGE.  the iPhone doesn’t do it justice, but i’m not cool enough for a DSLR camera. hush.


i’ll end with amazing creatures that God intended us to gawk at.  there will be no nightmares from seeing these guys.

Crush, Finding Nemo

professor hybarger

all in all, the Denver Aquarium gets a B+ from this somewhat-picky-about-our-fun family.  it wasn’t as big as i was picturing, but for the price, i’m happy with my pics.

i imagine this is baby look for WTF

i’d love ideas for kid friendly activities, if anyone wants to share.

i’m going to work on continuing this blog and doing better at it.  if you’ve forgotten, my last post was FIVE {stinkin} months ago.

on tap for this week: a picture and quote of the day and i’m attempting to get crafty with things we already own.  this could turn out fantastic or horrible.


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