“Whoa, Black Betty”

i know that song is now stuck in your head.  you’re welcome.

i cruise around snatching ideas all day, everyday from Pintrest. if you are on there, chances are i’ve stalked your sight and {legally} stolen your ideas/thoughts/photos.
today, i’m working on some artwork. i wanted to continue the chalkboard theme going on in E’s area in the basement.
i already painted her table that Grammi passed along to us:

Before: ABC tableAfter: Chalkboard Table

here comes the scary part.  well, it’s scary for me because, when it comes to craft projects, I don’t like to commit to changes that are of the permanent kind.

this is the picture i’m planning to paint over {no biggie that we got a killer deal on it from Z Galleria, right?}:

the original print

no turning back:

first coat

maestro, drum roll please…..

Ta Da!

obviously i added my own “chalk” art.  my kid isn’t to be trusted with writing utensils.  she ate a bath crayon just a few days ago.  real chalk will be used once she understands what is edible and what is not.

i chose to paint over a picture we already had for two reasons:

1. we already had it {duh}

2. we weren’t using it, and didn’t have any plans to use it in any of our rooms, so instead of letting it sit and collect dust, we decided to put it to use.

i did have to make one out-of-pocket purchase for this little number, and that was my sponge brush.  it was a whopping $.63 at Walmart.  so from a cheapity-cheap standpoint, I WIN!!!

  • picture we already owned
  • chalkboard paint we already owned {bought that a few months ago for the ABC table above}
  • laundry basket paint stand we already owned
  • three sponge brushes for $.63 each = $1.89

send any ideas my way with how to decorate this pretty lady {Black Betty}.  maybe paint on kid words , like play, giggle, or smile, and use fun, bright colors. or cut some laminate decals with the ol’ cricut.   it needs some pizzazz until Small Fry is allowed to wrap her precious lil hands around chalk.

happy Labor Day Weekend!


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