Labor Day Weekend!

hopefully it was a great Labor Day for most. i am thankful for all those First Responders that do a great job. this summer was a doozy {or doozie?} in CO and the crews that helped here in southern CO were amazing. without these men and women we’d live in a less perfect world. thank you to those that rescue!

we had a jam packed weekend. this might be nothing compared to your schedules, but around here the weekends are meant for vegging out and taking naps. only a certain 1 Y.O. got to take naps. no complaints here though.

Friday: a spontaneous IKEA trip with my good friend, MP {she has a great blog here. a real woman, sharing real great pics, and her real great family}

IKEA purchases

Saturday: first ever Watch Party for OSU with the CO Springs Alumni Club. barely met anyone, E was in rare form from the moment when walked in. aren’t kids great 🙂

lil cowpoke

Sunday: ran errands and watched Hunger Games. okay, so this was a low-key day.


Monday: (1) checked out a local street carnival that was a reschedule from July 4th. the fires disrupted a lot here. (2) stopped by Monument Lake…er, quarry, no, it’s a really big pond. think boomer lake in Stillwater, actually it might be smaller than boomer, ha. e got brave and waded in, then slipped and fell in the water. (3) neighborhood pot luck and meet-n-greet.
i don’t think this week will feel short.

Labor Day F.U.N.

totally a great time with family, friends, and neighbors, who will be friends soon.  here’s to a great week!  “may the odds be ever in your favor!” channeling my inner Katniss Everdeen.  i’m actually more like Primrose Everdeen.  i’d never make it in the Hunger Games.


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