i have a bad habit of giving inanimate things in my house one specific human trait: a name.

i often wonder if “things” have feelings.  like when i sold my first and only road bike a month ago.  her name was Lucy.  i hope she didn’t get her feelings hurt when i posted her on Craigslist for all to ooogle over? did she feel i was abandoning her?  or was she happy to get the dust blown off, and rediscover her souls purpose: supporting an athletic person on her two wheels.

sweet Lucy

i will forever believe she’s glad to be out of our garage and on the road.  helps me sleep at night.

and who could forget Black Betty, this little picture upgrade from last week.

Black Betty’s new home

but…this post is about another sweet piece of furniture.  our outdoor side table.  it really has no special significance. i got it at the dollar store in college.  in it’s glory days {and mine}, it had a magnificent sunflower on the top of it.  however, being out in the elements really took it’s toll on the ol’ girl {most of my things are girls, if you couldn’t tell}, and her fantastic sunflower top got all warpy and chipped.

sadly i don’t have a photo of the sunflower, but after i ripped off the top, here’s what we were left with {i’m sure she was somewhat hurt in the process of top extraction}:

before: no top

and this is the after:

after: slate tile top

and, then a wind storm came through last night…..

strong lil table!

way to stand strong lil table.  i shall call you Katniss.  i’m still channeling The Hunger Games we watched on Sunday.  everything might be called Katniss soon.


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