Who’s up for a Picnic in the Park?

we were!!! saturday we decided to soak up a little more of the summer warm weather and headed to a small park someone told us about. it was about 20 minutes away.

a couple weeks ago we had an engineer look at our sump pump. if you know us, you know we experienced a sewer backup in our last house the day before our daughter was born. we don’t take chances with anything now. long story long, water was starting to pool on the sidewalk between our house and the neighbor’s, she was super concerned, so we both contacted the builder. hence the engineer coming over. all is fine, her sump pump will be routed to the other side of her house, so both pumps aren’t draining to the same side. hopefully problem solved. anywho… the suggestion for this park came from the engineer. nothing like trusting a total stranger.

so we got lunch together while small fry was napping and jumped in the truck as soon as she woke up. by as soon as, I mean within half an hour after waking up. i don’t like to be rushed. if i forget something WWIII could erupt.

the kindly engineer said this park was a little local secret. hardly anyone goes there. guess he doesn’t keep up on dog agility competitions, because the park was full of four-legged friends and their owners. some dog owners are just a strange as “crazy cat ladies”.

our child is crazy about dogs, so we had to pet as many as possible. Yogi bear was even there, but he was a golden retriever, not so much a grizzly bear. there was a woman would told us she had 13 dogs, “crazy dog lady” just doesn’t have the same ring as the feline phrase. however, in my book anyone with that many of any kind of pet is off their rocker. and finally a black german shepherd named stormy. her owner could have talked our ears off, thanks E for being fussy and thus creating an excuse to leave.

i didn’t get any pics of the competition, since we weren’t a part of it, but it was interesting to watch. i saw some dogs that seemed to delight in their owners praise for doing good work. my dogs have never looked at me like that. i have often thought that my dogs would have a few choice words for me if they could talk. their glares are received loud and clear though. once in college, rudy did let me know how disgusted she was that we didn’t run longer at the trails. on the drive home a friend politely asked if i passed gas. to which i replied, NO! looking in the backseat, there was a nice pile on my gym bag and a lab with a big grin on her face. true story.

but… here’s some footage of our picnic:

she won’t take her eyes off the dogs

tunnel slide

98, 99,……100

we don’t go anywhere without a soccer ball


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