Party like it’s YO’ BirFday!

i love birthdays, i love celebrating someone else’s big day. i really love to eat cake. so even if your birthday falls on 9/11, we will still celebrate in this house.

birthday fun

since the actual date fell on a tuesday, we did some celebrating over the weekend.

if anyone is ever in Green Mountain Falls, CO, you have to eat at The Pantry.  we’ve eaten there a few times for breakfast and lunch, neither of us has had a bad meal.  everything is made from scratch, and it’s DELISH!  {this is what happens when i ask my 1.5 YO to smile}

say cheese

and at the park next to The Pantry.  kids can sniff out a park within a 100 mile radius, i swear.

green mtn falls

daddy is a trooper

then on to take some pictures on Pikes Peak.  i will remind you, we DON’T have a DSLR camera {can you sense the sadness in my voice.}  but we did get some great pics.  and yep, that’s snow on top of Pikes Peak.

fall 2012

fall colors

captain morgan impression

my baby and me

awww, so sweet!

happy birthday to ryan!  31 is the new 21, minus all those shots you took ten years ago.  hope this year is one of fun, happiness, and new memories.  now, let’s eat some more cake.


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