Boy Band Fever

kids do the darndest things.  this video makes me giggle every time.  you will learn two things from this video:

1). gosh darn it, my kid is cute! and she’s somewhere in between 12 month and 18 months clothes, so ignore the really short sleeves.  pretend her shirt is a 3/4 length sleeve.

2). i am terrible when it comes to knowing bands/song titles/albums, whatever… i know if i like a song and that’s all i care about.  i call One Direction One Republic in this video.  yep, didn’t even catch myself until i watched this video the next day.  hello, i’m tara, do not ask me to name that song {or band}, i will lose every time. my apologies to the bands and all their fans for getting the names confused.

it’s almost friday!  we are having our pictures done this weekend by our good friend, Mary.  check out her work here.  can’t wait to say cheese!


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