warning: impulse buyers ahead

i’m pretty sure ryan and i are the two least patient people on this planet. more impatient than a Housewife from Orange County waiting to get botox. you know when people say, “let’s just go look at puppies. just look”, and they end up buying a puppy. usually the first one they see. well, everything seems to be a “puppy” to us. if we get a thought in our head, we go for it. at a time when we tell ourselves we should be saving, we go buy some new trees.  about two weekends ago, ryan said, “hey, let’s go price out some trees, just to see what it would cost to add some landscape to the backyard.  we don’t really know how much we are looking at or need to save for.” {see i told you we talk about saving}.  direct quote, i swear.  and, thus trees are the “puppy” this time. they were too cute to pass up and we knew they’d fit in to our little family of five and make it a family of nine. just kidding. about the family of nine. we haven’t named these lil guys {or girls} yet anyway. but here they are:

welcome home lil guys!

and no, that’s not my manly husband on the forklift.  that lil thing called a J.O.B. got in the way.  nevertheless, here’s the other side:

welcome home other lil guys!

we purchased two aspens and two pinon pines.  two sets of twins!  they actually were almost the same size.  the pics looks a little funny now, since these guys are young and need to mature and grow into the mighty arbors they were meant to be.  we had to leave about 10-15 feet for the pinon to grow out.  next year we plan to add a couple more trees and some others plants to fill in things.  however, next year could really mean next weekend, you never know with us.  being in our first year as Coloradans, we’ve quickly come to realize water is like gold out here.  trying to keep this grass green has cost us mucho pretty pennies.  we also have added more rock to our list of things to buy, so we can cut down on the water bill.

at least the girls approve:

ruff, welcome

now, i leave you with this sweet comb-over. E approves the trees too, and likes to go out and touch them every day. so nurturing. maybe at botanist? or is that just plants? an arborist? does that word exit?

this photo will haunt her FOREVER.


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