Would you look at the “Cones” on that

and i ain’t talking about Madonna’s costumes from the 90’s. {tried to upload a pic of Madge from the net, but WordPress said no due to “security reasons”} if you are alive you know who Madonna is, and if you were a teen or adult in the 90’s you are picturing the cone costume now, i’m almost positive of it.

but, i’m speaking of a less flamboyant and more au natural cone.  the good ol’ you know it’s fall when you see these guys all over the ground, Pine Cones!

my sidekick and i hopped in the truck, barreled through town, and snaked along the dirt roads until we found the perfect spot…

look at the cones on this baby!

today we frolicked and played the mule deer way.  shared some good momma/daughter bonding time in nature.

E’s more interested in cameras now, thanks to our photo-taker/memory-maker friend, mary. i actually could ask her to walk down the path, so i could take her picture.  she listens about half the time, but i’m happy with that for now.

this morning over coffee {for me} and a banana {for her}, E and i discussed fall decor.  it was decided free is always better, so we saddled up for a trek to the Pike National Forest and some pine cone harvesting . foraging, really.  on hands-n-knees, possible plumber’s crack showing, all for some decorations.

where are you lil pine cone, here lil pine cone


where are the pine cones, ma?

jackpot! we found the motherload.

yahoo! buckaroo!

with the loot in hand, we dashed back to the truck like we were hauling cash from an armored truck heist.  not really, figured we were the only two in the park coveting these lil seed holders.  you are welcome Pike National Forest rangers, we helped with the fire mitigation by taking these off your hands.

now home for a lunch and nap.  big dinner plans with ryan’s high school friend, kyle.




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