Pinterest Fun & Laundry Room “free-do”

i’m ready for the weekend.  i’ve been SO tired this week. i can’t shake my lack of energy. i went to the gym last night, only to walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes.  today, i gotta step it up!

decided i would get a little cleaning done and some re-organizing. plus, i wanted to squeeze in some Pinterest fun.

in my usual style, i chose the fun stuff first.

garlic coffee, anyone?

i have the opposite of a green thumb.  i don’t forget about my plants or water them too much, i can’t figure out what i do wrong.  i will not give up though.  my next victim baby will be garlic.  today, i actually tried two ideas i saw on Pinterest: 1) growing garlic from a garlic clove and 2) writing on a mug with a sharpie.  it was a fun, fast project.  here are my actually photos:

Pinterest copy cat


that took about 30 minutes {link to the original tutorials from the links above}.  good times.

next up…

so, the laundry room seems to be a sore spot for many if you look around at DIY blogs and the “Home Decor” topic on Pinterest.  i don’t really know why i care about the look of the laundry room.  it’s too small to have a cool mudroom feel and we spend the least amount of time in there.  it’s more of a pass through kind of space.  but i decided it needed some sprucing up.

earlier this morning…


this afternoon…



i really just rearranged some frames and hung my cleaning items.  but it looks better.  too bad i don’t have a nice stained wooden top to fold laundry on, huh?  ah, one of these days.

now…wasn’t i supposed to be cleaning.  gotta go.


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