a ~fall~ doll

punkin’ princess

” I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air. “

Nathaniel Hawthorne

last weekend we traveled near and far to find some pumpkins.  literally.  i found a website for pumpkin patches in Colorado, did some research, and settle on one in Larkspur.  got up early, made breakfast, got dressed, and off we went.  from our house Larkspur is about 20 minutes away.  it was a wasted 40 minute drive.  this place was “off the grid”.  i was prepared to have to engage the 4-wheel drive. that is until we stopped for a man in a bright blue lumina.  we pulled up, the man in the lumina tried to convince us this was “the best”, we were a little weirded out, and disappointed by the lack of pumpkin activity going on at this PUMPKIN patch.  total false advertising.  should have called it a Hay Patch.  that’s all you saw.

plan B: while driving back home, pull up other pumpkin patches on the phone.

found one. drove 20 more minutes east. no pumpkin patch. {thanks iphone maps}

plan C: quickly look for one more.  enter: Wishing Star Farms {only 10 more minutes away}

 we made it.


let the fall fun begin.

if you are from the midwest, don’t laugh at these photos.  the pumpkin patch we went to last year while in Kansas City, was dabombdotcom.  this was some animals scattered in a field with some carnival action {a bouncy thingy, food out of a trailer- we passed on the food, and a camel} and pumpkins spread out in the yard.  it’s a good thing toddlers aren’t judgmental.  after being cooped up in the car for our hour-long detour, e just wanted to roam.

we took in the sights of…

an 800 lb. pig.

almost lost an appendage on the 100 ft slide.

talked to a llama.

hopped over lots of poo.

and took home two nice pumpkins.

spending family time outside is a plus for us, so i’ll let go of the whole not-as-cool-as-the-Liberty, MO-pumpkin-patch-from-last-year mentality.  attitude in check.  but i’ll take advice on better Colorado Pumpkin patches now.


** i joined my first blog link party-

check out A Bowl Full of Lemons!!! great home organization inspiration!

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