move over spielberg

we’ve had a Macbook for a couple years now and last night ryan made a home movie…. we are slow learners. actually i was asleep while ryan was tapping into his inner Steven Spielberg. so i guess i’m a really slow learner, since i have no idea how he did it.

all i know is that i teared up. granted this is MY family, but i think it’s safe to assume most people like cute videos of babies. if you don’t you might need to find your soul. ryan would be content showing me this masterpiece, but i find it’s my duty to make sure ryan takes credit for his good work. he’s more private than i am. i am the one to shout my accomplishments (no matter how small) from the rooftops. he doesn’t require any recognition. i need to be more like him. i sense a 2013 resolution forming.

it’s no E.T., but enjoy this first, and certain to be a box office hit at our house, original Ryan Hybarger production!