i love the idea of resolutions, but why are these new things so hard to stick with.  do we just get comfortable with ourselves and how things are that we simple can’t be disciplined enough to follow through on something?  i’m not a fitness junky anymore. i like to eat sweets and my body doesn’t want to run anything longer than a 5k.  i have a pretty clean house.  i stay home with my kid, so i should be able to keep things tidy.  i like cooking, but i’m no Giada.  i’m not a fan of laundry, but it’s always done.  i take my multi-vitamin, usually every day.  since my yearly physical, i’ve worked out three days a week for 2 weeks.  i’m on a roll.

but these aren’t resolutions i’m interested in improving.  i want to ditch all the technology polluting my brain.  read more books, try new crafts, and invent games with my almost 2 year old.  i’m tired of being glued to some kind of electronic device.  now, i LOVE these things, don’t get me wrong, but i don’t want to waste my life away reading about what someone did yesterday, especially if that someone is someone i haven’t spoken to in years.  did that sound harsh?  it’s not that i don’t care what you and your hubby did for you dinner date, but kind of.  i mean, i wish everyone in the world joy, peace, comfort, health, and happiness, but i’m tired of reading about your lives.  i’m going to just be in mine.

{cheesy alert} i’ve made my reSOULutions and i hope to become the best Tara out there.  i have to go at this with a do-or-die mentality.  i can’t just half-a$$ it, or i know i’ll fail.  the root of all my discontent in my iPhone.  i’m too connected, i’m too addicted to being connected, i’m too interested in what you and your hubby did, and i don’t like it.  i need a regular cell phone.  one that just calls and can text if need be.  i bet i can save a decent amount of money if i change phones (that was ryan talking in my head).  it’s time to ditch the iPhone, have a family Facebook account, and go play outside.

goodbye all things addicting, well… except coffee.  goodbye all things brain polluting.  goodbye personal advertising.  hello LIFE.  i’m taking back what’s mine.  and i will learn to sew.