one GREAT husband!

Bride and Groom 475

5 years ago today!

this is funny for the obvious reason… my niece is embarrassed we are kissing.  she’s 9 now, i wonder if she even remembers doing this.  tatum is the little girl right next to me.  she was this close the whole ceremony.  i started babysitting her when she was 7 mo. old.  she likes me.

for our first anniversary, he called me at work and left a singing VM.  what i wouldn’t give to have saved that to play for you. there are SOOOOOOO many people that have been together longer than us, but five years feels like a big accomplishment.  so we are going to Bermuda this summer. Yay us!  maybe we’ll find Amelia Earhart’s plane.  is the Bermuda triangle for real? no don’t tell me, i don’t want to get freaked out.

i like to follow The Pioneer Woman‘s blog, and she had a funny one the other day.  15 reasons her and her husband are different.  i couldn’t help but think about our differences.  here are a few for this 5 year anniversary:

1.) he goes to bed at 9pm Su-Th.

i don’t. it’s 12:33 am.

2.) he likes drinking water.

i don’t.

3.) he likes being healthy.

i like sweets, fries, and ice cream.  but i think about being healthy, does that count?

4.) he is disciplined.

i’m not. no self control should have been my middle first name.

5.) he likes money. in the bank.

i like money in my wallet ready to be spent.

6.) he likes watching CNN.

i can’t be ripped away from investigation ID.

7.) he checks the OSU message boards every night.

i check Facebook and Instagram about 1,000x’s a day.

8.) he hates when i leave lights on in rooms i’m no longer in. something about saving $ on electricity.

i think it’s funny because he usually forgets to turn off E’s monitor after she wakes from her nap.  that runs on faux-tricity.

9.) he showers twice a day. usually.

i shower at least every other day.  WHAT?!

10.) he’d rent a movie every night, if he could stay up later.

i’d get a sonic drink every day, if i could still fit in my bikini in Bermuda. Tankini’s are in, right?!

11.) he’d eat egg whites and oatmeal for every meal.

i’d eat out every meal.

12.) he doesn’t drink coffee much.

i drink A LOT of coffee. with sugar and 1/2 & 1/2.

13.) he could eat 3 bags of chips a day.

i could eat three boxes of oatmeal cream pies a day.

14.) he wants to give input on decorating ideas.

i want him to let me do it.

15.) he loves and adores his little girl.

so do i. 🙂

after five years of marriage, we’ve worked out the financial differences and eating habits.  i spend money and feel a little guilty each time.  sometimes i take things back.  he never says anything after he checks the bank account.  his silence says it all.  he eats like he’s training for a Crossfit competition; i just ate his candy bar our neighbors brought back from Tennessee. sorry Ry, but i knew you wouldn’t eat it.  all is right in our world.

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