a tale of two emarie’s

these were taken less than 24 hours apart.

Little Snow White

Little Snow White

one minute she’s twirling and whirling in a princess dress (or dresses, we tried on three, i think).

and the next minute we are digging in the dirt and getting mud on our cheeks.

Going Hiking

Going Hiking

i think she’s finding a good balance with girly and not-so-girly.

who am i kidding.  dresses are winning out.



this new phase (or lifestyle) is funny to me for a couple reasons:

1.) i have never been into dress.  my poor mom was doomed after sticking me in my brother’s hand-me-downs.  i always assumed kids do as their parents do, but i don’t wear dresses.  theory thwarted. very scientific study i just conducted.

2.) less than 90 days ago, she hated dress.  yes, hated.  she has received numerous tutus from friends, but it wasn’t until she received a tutu with fairy wings for her 2nd bday that she changed her ways.

Long live this girly girl!


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