entering the world of competitive sports

Soccer Buddies

Soccer Buddies

oh, soccer buddies isn’t competitive?  just kidding.  we aren’t those kind of parents. yet.

but we did sign our kid up for a little weekly soccer action.  monday we tried a class for free, and she really liked it.  she surprised both me and ryan.  there was some nice kicking of the ball, some non existent listening skills (we’ll work on that), and she even cried when she got a stamp.  yes, not tears of joy for a job well done.  tears of fear that her hand was dirty.  crocodile tears.  full blown terror.  should i cut back on the OCD everything must be clean talk?

so since i didn’t play soccer, this activity will be a daddy/daughter thing.  but i wanted to share the story of how little we know about kid activities.   here’s a timeline of how monday afternoon went down:

  • 4:00pm- i text ryan, “so should we do both a pool pass and soccer buddies? soccer buddies is $60/month.” he replied, “maybe just one, you pick.”  i obviously chose soccer buddies over my need for a tan. sacrifices.
  • 4:30pm- i email soccer buddies to see if summer registration is full. get a response that it’s not and an invite to the free class at 6:30pm.  i proceed to forget to make dinner. oops.
  • 5:30pm- ryan gets home and we start asking each other 20 questions about what all we need to take.  i pack a couple snacks and fill a water bottle up.  thought i was doing pretty good.  he states he feels unprepared.  i try to reassure him, it’s soccer buddies, not tryouts for TSC, Lady Tor, or any other super competitive club team.
  • 6:00pm- off to soccer buddies.
  • 6:30pm- we walk in, not sure what to expect, e sprints off toward the kids playing soccer.  maybe starting school will be this easy.



  • 7:30pm- it was a success.  we even celebrate with some dancing to Natasha Bedingfield on our way out.
  • 8:15pm- throw together breakfast for dinner. it’s already past someone’s bedtime. guess who’s?  you might be surprised.

the next day, i decide it’s time to shop for some shoes and get a little soccer ball.  because this is soccer buddies and not MLS, i went to Walmart.  remember how this was a daddy/daughter thing, yea, so i called ryan to tell him to keep his phone out for pics, since he probably wanted to help pick out her shoes.  he’s on-board for helping and instructs encourages me to get good shoes that “grip well”.  yes, i’ll look for “good gripping” shoes for our 2 year old.  he thinks this is MLS.  bless him.

granimals doesn’t label their shoes based on “good grippiness”, so we went with these babies.  totally for little boys. dad is proud.  so am i.



and because soccer buddies= MLS, i picked up a mini soccer ball and cones too.  look out Abby Wambach, Hope Solo, and any other female soccer player who’s ever existed.  yes, i know, it’s soccer buddies.  i’m just trying to get psyched for my lil pro athlete.  we’ll let you know when she gets an agent.  any day now, i’m sure.


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