UPDATE: we need rain

*** first posted 6/13/13.  with new totals, i’ve updated some information.

i’ve posted on FB about the wild fire we are watching. thought i’d share some pics.

Black Forest wild fire

Black Forest wild fire

this was yesterday and was a view from our neighborhood.



looks much closer than it really is.

military plane helping the fire fighters

military plane helping the fire fighters

i felt like that scene in Pearl Harbor when the Japanese flew over so close. i played Kate Beckinsale’s character.

DSCF1357oh, that’s not the fire.  just my lil fire cracker.  this 12 month dress is too small.  she doesn’t think so.  pick your battles.

Care and Share is a great organization if anyone wants to help southern Colorado.  ***UPDATE: the Black Forest fire has burned around 15,000 acres, 483 houses are total loses (that number could go up), and two fatalities.  the fire is now 55% contained.***  this fire is one of four burning in Colorado.  three are in southern Colorado. ***UPDATE: several of the other fires have or are being contained.***

hug your loved ones.  these kinds of disasters are scary, and it’s obvious what is most precious.


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