windows, wood, and fabric

probably not ryan’s ultimate father’s day gift, but man! can this guy knock out some window treatments when he puts his mind to it.

Cornice Board

he’d be hinting about a Home Depot gift card, but i really thought it’d be for landscaping.  boy, was i surprised by this guy.  after almost 5 years of marriage, this threw me for a loop.  but if there’s one thing i’ve learned in 5 years, it’s when he wants to complete a project, i just go with it, because i’m never sure when the enthusiasm will be back around.

he knocked out 5 cornice boards/valances on Saturday.  ALL.BY.HIMSELF.  the pictures are proof.  i barely even helped pick out the fabric.

these are the before pictures. super bare and vanilla.


and the after.

Basement windows- after

materials we used:


Putting on the fabric

  • 1×4 8 ft Common Board ($5.98 x 7)= $41.86
  • 3/8″ 4×8 PB Underlayment ($17.44 x 3)= $52.32
  • 2 tubes Liquid Nails, 2 X $1.83 = $3.66
  • Zircon studsensor = $19.97
  • Lithium 9V battery for studsensor = $6.97
  • 3/8″ Galvanized staples, 2 X 3.22 = $6.44
  • 8 X 5/8″ screws (50 pack) = $1.94
  • 3″ Corner Brackets ($3.77 x 3) = $11.31
  • JoAnn‘s: fabric- BHG Jayda Bramble ($17.49 x 8.875 yrds) = $155.22
  • 120 x 120 Low Loft Batting ($16.19 x 2) = $32.38
  • Walmart: More 120 x 120 Batting because we ran out ($8.47 x 2) = $16.94

total = $349.01

he made 5, so that’s $69.80 a piece.  not bad when you look at it that way.  plus, my mom gave the Home Depot gift card, so we only actually spent $150 of our money.  thank you MOM!

and E too.  she loved helping her daddy.

Daddy's helper

this guy is pretty handy.  i’ll keep him around.  maybe next father’s day i we can get some area rugs.  i have 365 days to plant the seed.


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