we aren’t spontaneous…

but this weekend we were! YAHOO!

hello, Breckenridge

hello, Breckenridge

spontaneity is no longer reserved for those without small children. we braved the “what-if-we-forget-something” feelings, and headed over to Breckenridge after about an hour of deliberation. that’s still spontaneous, right?!

a big thanks to Courtney Kennedy for having a family get together there. had she not texted Ryan, we wouldn’t have gone.

oh and a thanks to Orbitz for not confirming our reservation with Beaver Run Resorts. praise the Lord that Beaver Run Resorts is great and instead of turning us away in tears, they upgraded us to a better room for the same price. when we saw the upgrade it did make us curious about the original room though. the upgraded room felt like something out of hot tub time machine. but it worked FANTASTIC for one night. so thank you Beaver Run Resorts!!! we would highly recommend you.

Our last 24 hours have consisted of:

swimming pool, steam room, hot tub, and sauna
hopping in puddles
dinner and beers at Breckenridge Brewery
more hopping in puddles
catching up with an old friend and more beers
a horrible night of sleep
farmers market
fresh watermelon
a hike
and more driving

kids are so adaptable.  i mean, except for the rough night of sleep (three deep in a queen sized bed is not recommended), she was awesome.  she loved the hotel room, loved jumping in puddles, loved walking around, and she loved the hike.  it was another awesome weekend in the books here in Colorado!


scarves at the Farmers Market


ski runs in the summer


so cool with and without snow!


I love this tired face


Emarie is watching that Courtney doesn’t try to tickle her


Swiss family Robinson, aka the Hybarger’s


creek next to the trail


Imagine the sound of rushing water, pretend you are listening to a Pure Moods CD 😉


was hoping a beaver would pop out of this


neat lil bridge


thank you nice couple for taking a photo with all of us in it


did i use to much exposure? a normal sky is turquoise, right?!


oh look, the sky isn’t really turquoise.


again, cool with or without snow!


low clouds and rain made us feel like we were in Oregon


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