Dawson Butte- Round Two

This little place really isn’t much, but for some reason we gravitate toward it. This time it was nice because we moved closer! We haven’t been in Colorado but three short years, and we’ve already managed to move three times. It’s sad. But this move was good.

And here’s how we spent our time a couple Saturdays ago:


Hoping to instill a love for the outdoors.  This girl takes up almost all my time.  She is needy, scared of bugs, goofy, good at copying, funny, smart, and eager to learn all she can from the time the sun comes up, until it sets.  She makes me want to be the best version of me I can be.


These two are everything I’ve ever wanted.  They drive me nuts, make me laugh, make me cry, frustrate me, make me proud, and make me thankful.


I think I came to terms on this hike that a horse isn’t in my future.  I haven’t fallen out of love with the idea of living on a farm, but my want to travel made me realize I can’t travel when I have to take care of a farm.  Sad.  I do see riding lessons in my girl’s future.  Do you know where I can get a pink pony?


A wildflower from daddy.






Racing the train.