A birthday hike!


Golden Gate Canyon State Park/ Golden, CO

Sept 11th is such a notorious day, and although we remembered what happened and think about those that lost so much thirteen years ago, Sept 11th is also an important day at our house.  33 years ago, Ryan was born in Oklahoma.  He kind of admitted that this birthday felt “different”.  It’s the feeling that life is changing and even if we feel like teenagers, we aren’t.  That ol’ clock ain’t slowing down for no one.  So we are reminded that we get to make our days what we want.  We are looking to get outside a lot more.

birthday backpack

Emarie GGCSP


Resting at GGCSP

Ready to go GGCSP

RyE Pano

Sanctuary GGCSP

Family shot GGCSP

This family of three couldn’t be happier in CO.  Happy to celebrate Ryan, happy to hike, and happy to see fall coming.  From the pics you’d think this was a perfect day, and on a scale from 1-10, it was a 9.5. Only because we found out that Emarie gets car-sick on curvy mountain roads.  Blek!


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