St. Mary’s Glacier

It’s fall and can there be any better time of year?  Everyone knows it when the weather gets cooler, you smell smoke from a firepit or chimney, the leaves change colors, and you are ready to break out the flannels and boots.  I do like that first really warm day of summer too.  I also like when the first snow flakes come.  It’s a good thing God made changing seasons.

Another family hike in the books.  St. Mary’s Glacier was beautiful. So beautiful we are going back this weekend.  It was a popular place, which is something I could do without. I’d like to pretend I’m out in nature, alone, and by alone I mean with my husband and child.  I know there is something so profound about nature, and it’s so good for the soul, hence why this place is so popular.  We could all use a recharge as we head into a new season.


The water is COLD.  Good thing we let her wear her rain boots.


Our little pig tail princess.  It’s hard to get this girl to wear anything but a dress.  To be honest, hiking isn’t really her fav, but she gladly tags along with us for a small fee, a dum dum sucker.


Found an old road and wandered down.


Proof we are best buddies.


We pretty much like her with just about everything we’ve got.


There isn’t much about this hike we didn’t like.


I tell myself she will be the first female park ranger to eliminate the whole endangered species concept, put an end to all forest fires, rid the trees of beetles (but not until I get some beetle kill pine for a plank wall) and do it all while wearing a ball gown, heels, and a tiara.


Ryan is kind of a big deal with the whole panoramic button on the iPhone.  Thank you whoever showed him how to do that.  I’m not sure if it was Matt or Dan.  But I think it was one of you, because after the 14er that’s all he’s been doing.  



Such a great time!


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